High Blood Potassium Test – Causes

Although this website is about high potassium foods, people often ask about what to do for a high blood potassium level, called hyperkalemia. This is not a question that should […]

Albuminuria, Sodium And Obesity

A high sodium and low potassium intake leads to cardiovascular disease. Albuminuria is associated with cardiovascular disease. But there have been few studies on sodium intake and albuminuria. Albuminuria is […]

Microalbuminuria And Sodium

High potassium foods are characterized by a high ratio of potassium to sodium. There have been many studies showing the strong preventive relationship between high potassium foods and hypertension, strokes, […]

Sodium And Diabetes In Finland

A great many studies show that high potassium foods prevent hypertension, strokes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. There are other diseases for which it has long been suspected that a high […]

Salt Substitute Taste Change

High potassium foods have been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, and strokes. The key to this reduction is an increase in the potassium sodium ratio of the diet. […]

Potassium Salt For Hypertension – Study

A great many studies have shown the value of high potassium foods to reduce blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and strokes. There are multiple theories about what part of high potassium […]

Potassium Enriched Salt And CVD

High potassium foods have been shown to have favorable effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. Several studies of large populations have shown that when the potassium to sodium ratio is […]

APA Hypertension

To understand how a high potassium sodium ratio in the diet affects blood pressure, it is important to understand how the dietary potassium sodium ratio affects cells. Human population based […]

Potassium Sodium Ratio Effect On Secretory Cells

The high potassium foods diet can prevent hypertension. But hypertension is a sign of disease rather than a disease itself. The basic underlying disease for primary hypertension most often is […]