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High Potassium Foods

High potassium foods, low potassium foods and associated potassium symptoms info

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Low Potassium Foods Sports Energy Drinks

Many of the sports and energy drinks are among the low potassium foods, having minimal to low quantities of potassium. Normally a low potassium content can be helpful for those with kidney dysfunction, or other disorders requiring potassium restriction. However, many also have high sodium content which usually also needs to be restricted by those needing potassium restriction.

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Two excellent books about high potassium foods and blood pressure reduction are available on Amazon. The first is a practical guide to changing your diet to a high potassium foods diet. It is helpful even if you do not have hypertension. The second is a scientific explanation of the diet. It discusses the changes to your body that occur with high potassium foods.

Practical Guide

Scientific Explanation

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