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High Potassium Foods

High potassium foods, low potassium foods and associated potassium symptoms info

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High Potassium Foods — Raw Vegetables Table

Here is a list of vegetables that are among the high potassium foods. Only the values of the raw foods are included, to allow comparisons of foods. Any food in the table has a good ratio of potassium to sodium, to provide the desirable lowering of blood pressure, improved cardiovascular and stroke reduction effects, reduction of bone loss and reduction … Read the rest

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    […] nice recipe of one of the high potassium foods that goes well with wine. (The Butternut is a variety of […]

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    […] article on root veggies, some of the best high potassium foods. Includes some good recipes from a chef, […]

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    […] A low carb version (it uses whole grain wraps instead of Hoagie rolls) can be found below. Wraps and peppers can make it one of the high potassium foods. […]

  6. Study aside, the potato is getting a bad rap « High Potassium Foods Says:

    […] Governor of Idaho, the conclusion is correct. In addition to other nutrients, it's one of the high potassium foods with 1/3 the recommended daily allowance of potassium in a single potato which would provide only […]

  7. Jason Colodne » Blog Archive » Potassium Containing Veggies Can Benefit Your Wellbeing Says:

    […] Gerald Hill has had many years of interest in healthy foods. His interest in high potassium foods started when more and more studies began to show the beneficial effects of high potassium foods. […]

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    […] interest in high potassium foods to reduce blood pressure and osteoporosis. Although many foods are high potassium foods – lean meats, dairy, vegetables, fruits and nuts are terrific […]

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    […] and potassium content. If you are looking for onions or broccoli for example, you can click on the raw vegetables table link on the List of Posts […]

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    […] find tables with potassium and sodium content of vegetables and fruit (without added salt), click the links. […]

  11. Vegetarian Hypertension In India « High Potassium Foods Says:

    […] of potassium and sodium content can be found for high potassium fruits here and high potassium vegetables here. Links to tables for other foods can be found by clicking the List of Posts tab at the top of the […]

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Two excellent books about high potassium foods and blood pressure reduction are available on Amazon. The first is a practical guide to changing your diet to a high potassium foods diet. It is helpful even if you do not have hypertension. The second is a scientific explanation of the diet. It discusses the changes to your body that occur with high potassium foods.

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