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High Potassium Foods — Dried Fruits Table


For those looking for the health benefits of improved blood pressure, reduced osteoporosis and less risk of kidney stones – all of which you get from high potassium foods, fruits are a tasty way to go. Many fruits have a highly favorable potassium to sodium ratio. All those in this table have a greater than 3:1 potassium:sodium ratio.

Autumn is a great time to go for hikes and take in all those great fall colors. Dried fruits are a great snack to take along. They pack a lot of nutrition in a small, light package. Normally, fruits have high water content, but when they are dehydrated or dried they provide a lot of potassium in a small piece. The values in the table are for a 100 grams of food (about 3 1/2 ounces). The macronutrient values are in grams, and the potassium and sodium are in milligrams.

Although the ratios are favorable for all the listed fruits, you will notice a big variation in the amount of potassium. For example, dehydrated, uncooked apples have only about a third the amount of potassium that dehydrated, uncooked apricots have. We included the water content this time, because when the dried fruit takes on water the amount of potassium in 100 grams of food goes down. But the amount of potassium in a piece of fruit doesn’t go down – the piece of fruit just gets heavier from the water. If you stew the fruit, be sure to drink the water, since some of the potassium will go into the liquid.

Raisins were added to table April 12, 2012. Thanks to spudbabs comment at http://caloriecount.about.com/not-so-empty-calorie-foods-b564276?utm_term=continue1 for pointing out that raisins had been left off the previous dried fruit table. The site has many excellent nutrition tips.

Source – USDA National Nutrient Database Standard Reference – Release 22


APPLES,DEHYD (LO MOIST),SULFURED,STWD79.36740.280.1219.912.6136265.2
APPLES,DEHYD (LO MOIST),SULFURED,UNCKD33461.320.5893.5312.46401245.2
APPLES,DRIED,SULFURED,STWD,W/ SUGAR78.76830.20.0720.731.998195.2
APPLES,DRIED,SULFURED,STWD,WO/ SUGAR84.13570.220.0715.322105205.2
APRICOTS,DEHYD (LOW-MOISTURE),SULFURED,STWD63.61261.930.2432.627285145.6
APRICOTS,DRIED,SULFURED,STWD,W/ SUGAR68.451131.170.1529.264.14433147.7
APRICOTS,DRIED,SULFURED,STWD,WO/ SUGAR75.56851.20.1822.152.64114102.8
BANANAS,DEHYD,OR BANANA PDR33463.891.8188.289.914913497
PEACHES,DEHYD (LOW-MOISTURE),SULFURED,STWD62.041332.010.4234.145544138.5
PEACHES,DEHYD (LOW-MOISTURE),SULFURED,UNCKD7.53254.891.0383.18135110135.1
PEACHES,DRIED,SULFURED,STWD,W/ SUGAR71.381031.060.2226.62.42922146
PEACHES,DRIED,SULFURED,STWD,WO/ SUGAR78.1771.160.2519.692.73202160
PEARS,DRIED,SULFURED,STWD,W/ SUGAR61.21400.860.2937.145.8245381.7
PEARS,DRIED,SULFURED,STWD,WO/ SUGAR64.441270.910.3133.816.4258386
PLUMS,DRIED (PRUNES),STWD,W/ ADDED SUGAR65.081241.090.2232.883.83122156
PLUMS,DRIED (PRUNES),STWD,WO/ ADDED SUGAR69.731070.960.1628.083.13211321
PLUMS,DRIED (PRUNES),UNCKD30.922402.180.3863.887.17322366
PRUNES,DEHYD (LOW-MOISTURE),STWD67.991131.230.2429.73532176.5
PRUNES,DEHYD (LOW-MOISTURE),UNCKD43393.70.7389.0710585211.6
RAISINS,GOLDEN SEEDLESS14.973023.390.4679.5247461262.2


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