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High Potassium Foods – Dairy Products Table

Most dairy products are among the high potassium foods. They are part of the DASH medical study diet that has been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce osteoporosis and reduce kidney stone formation.

For the most part, 8 fluid oz of liquid milk or 8 oz of yogurt will provide approximately 400 mg of potassium. If it is fortified with protein, it will provide a bit more potassium. The dried or powdered milk will have a much higher potassium content and a higher content of potassium in the liquid milk can be obtained if the powder is not diluted as much as usually recommended.

Of course, potassium content is not the only consideration when determining whether to include a particular food in our diet. Also notice that butter, cheese and ice cream are missing from the table. Butter and cheese are loaded with sodium and have little potassium. Many ice creams have a favorable potassium to sodium ratio, but only a moderate amount of potassium in the usual serving. We’ll discuss these foods and some of the other nutritional factors further in the next post.

The weights all are grams except for the potassium and sodium, which are milligrams. The calories, protein, total fat, carbohydrate, potassium and sodium values given are for 100 grams of food.

As usual, K is potassium, and Na is sodium.

Except for the potassium to sodium ratio and the amount of potassium per serving (which we calculated), the source of data is:

USDA National Nutrient Database Standard Reference – Release 22


FoodServing WtServing SizeCaloriesProteinTotal FatCarbohydrtFiberPotassiumSodiumRatio K:NaK per Serving
CHEESE,LOW-SODIUM,CHEDDAR OR COLBY1321 cup, diced39824.3532.621.910112215.3148
CREAM SUBSTITUTE,POWDERED941 cup5454.7935.4854.8808121814.5763
CREAM,FLUID,HALF AND HALF2421 cup1302.9611.54.30130413.2315
CREAM,FLUID,LT (COFFEE CRM OR TABLE CRM)2401 cup1952.719.313.660122403293
CREAM,SOUR,KRAFT BREAKSTONE'S RED FAT SOUR CRM312 tbsp1524.5126.50.1210593.665
CREAM,SOUR,RED FAT,CULTURED2421 cup1352.94124.260129413.1312
EGGNOG2541 cup884.554.198.050165543.1419
MILK,BUTTERMILK,DRIED1201 cup38734.35.7849015925173.11910
MILK,CHOC BEV,HOT COCOA,HOMEMADE2501 cup773.522.3410.741197444.5492
MILK,DRY,NONFAT,INSTANT681 cup35835.10.7252.19017055493.11159
MILK,DRY,NONFAT,REG1201 cup36236.160.7751.98017945353.42153
MILK,DRY,WHOLE1281 cup49626.3226.7138.42013303713.61702
MILK,FLUID,1% FAT423.370.974.990150443.4
MILK,GOAT,FLUID2441 cup693.564.144.450204504.1498
MILK,INDIAN BUFFALO,FLUID2441 cup973.756.895.180178523.4434
MILK,LO NA,FLUID2441 cup613.13.464.460253384.3617
MILK,LOWFAT,FLUID,1% MILKFAT2441 cup423.370.974.990150443.4366
MILK,NONFAT,FLUID,PROT FORT (FAT FREE/SKIM)2461 cup413.960.255.560182593.1448
MILK,PRODUCER,FLUID,3.7% MILKFAT2441 cup643.283.664.650151493.1368
MILK,RED FAT,FLUID,2% MILKFAT,PROT FORT2461 cup563.951.985.490182593.1448
MILK,SHEEP,FLUID2451 cup1085.9875.360137443.1336
MILK,WHL,3.25% MILKFAT2441 cup613.153.254.80132433.1322
PROTEIN SUPP,MILK BSD,MUSCLE MILK,PDR111 tbsp41145.7117.1418.57.111293293.4124
YOGURT,FRUIT VAR,NONFAT,FORT W/ VITAMIN D2451 cup, (8 fl oz)954.40.2190194583.3475
YOGURT,FRUIT,LOFAT,10 GRAMS PROT PER 8 OZ2451 cup, (8 fl oz)1024.371.0819.050195583.4478
YOGURT,FRUIT,LOFAT,11 GRAMS PROT PER 8 OZ2271 container, (8 oz)1054.861.4118.60216653.3490
YOGURT,FRUIT,LOFAT,9 GRAMS PROT PER 8 OZ2451 cup, (8 fl oz)993.981.1518.640177533.3434
YOGURT,FRUIT,LOFAT,W/LO CAL SWEETENER2271 container, (8 oz)1054.861.4118.60194583.3440
YOGURT,KRAFT BREYERS LOWFAT STRAWBERRY YOGURT (1% MILKFAT)2271 container, (8 oz)963.80.818.20.2192523.7436
YOGURT,KRAFT BREYERS LT N' LVLY LOWFAT STR'BERY YOGURT (1% MILKFAT)1251 container, (4.4 oz)1083.20.821.90.2151453.4189
YOGURT,KRAFT BREYERS LT NONFAT STR'BERY YOGURT (W/ASPRT&FRUCT SW'T)2271 container, (8 oz)553.40.29.90146453.2331
YOGURT,KRAFT BREYERS SMOTH&CRMY LOWFAT STR'BERY YOGURT (1% MILKFAT)2271 container, (8 oz)1023.80.919.90.3177553.2402
YOGURT,PLN,LOFAT,12 GRAMS PROT PER 8 OZ2451 cup, (8 fl oz)635.251.557.040234703.3573
YOGURT,PLN,SKIM MILK,13 GRAMS PROT PER 8 OZ2451 cup, (8 fl oz)565.730.187.680255773.3625
YOGURT,PLN,WHL MILK,8 GRAMS PROT PER 8 OZ2451 cup, (8 fl oz)613.473.254.660155463.4380
YOGURT,VANILLA,LOFAT,11 GRAMS PROT PER 8 OZ2451 cup, (8 fl oz)854.931.2513.80219663.3537


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