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A Breakfast Recipe

A High Potassium Breakfast Recipe

Here it is. I was hoping my wife would give up some of her recipes. In a previous post we discussed that she had osteoporosis and she was able to reverse it in a year with a diet of high potassium foods. Her daily intake of potassium has been greater than 4700 mg a day and her intake of sodium less than 1500 mg a day. In this post is the recipe for one of her breakfasts.


Breakfast described in post

I gave my typical breakfast of high potassium foods here. But I have not had osteoporosis. I feel my diet of high potassium foods has helped prevent osteoporosis. But who can really say? The evidence is strong in the medical literature, but theory does not always work. Even when a particular diet may work for a population, it may not work for a given individual.

My Wife Is A True Cook

My wife did not like the taste of the diet I eat. It is too plain for her. But when she developed osteoporosis, she became determined to reverse it. The degree to which it reversed within a year I found amazing.

She learned the principles of getting a high potassium diet and with her knowledge of cooking she was able to create multiple dishes that were high in potassium, low in sodium and tasted good to her. Here is her breakfast. It has 741 mg of potassium and 198 mg of sodium. The ratio of potassium to sodium is better than 3 to 1.

High Potassium Breakfast Recipe

3 egg whites.

Turmeric seasoning on egg whites.

Salt free table blend seasoning (Mrs. Dash).

3 sweet mini peppers, chopped.

1 slice of onion, chopped.

Sautee peppers and onion for 3 minutes.

Pour egg whites over sauteed peppers and onion.

Then she has 2 ways to further prepare the dish:
1. mix and stir while it is cooking so it is like scrambled eggs or
2. cook on one side, and then flip to the other side like you would for a pancake or omelette.

She serves the eggs on a plate, and adds on the side of the plate low sodium ketchup and cayenne seasoning that she dips the eggs in as she eats it. It is important that the ketchup be low sodium. Standard ketchup is very high in sodium.

With her eggs she drinks coffee with nonfat milk. She also has some apple slices and strawberries.

A few hours later in the morning she has a container of coconut water with pomegranate juice added for flavor. The potassium and sodium amounts for breakfast and morning break are in the table below.

FoodWeight (gm)AmountPotassium (mg)Sodium (mg)Calories
egg white1003 eggs16016048
milk, nonfat301 oz541612
seasoning1.251/4 tsp1000
ketchup51 tsp2055
strawberry303 berries91220
coffee2401 cup11653
coconut water3301 bottle6205560
pomegranate juice602 oz150036
morning total1511253268

Notice that egg whites are not a high potassium food. But by adding other high potassium and low sodium foods, you can prepare a high potassium meal.

Of course she had many other breakfasts during the year, but this was her most common one. As you can see, she is well on her way to the goal amounts of potassium and sodium for the day.

In future posts we will include her other common meals, and include other breakfasts.


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