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Many people visit this site just to find out how much potassium is in a particular food. The best way to find this out is to click on the “Links to food potassium tables” tab at the top of the page and click on a link to a table with the food you are interested in. Many of the tables … Read the rest

Blood Pressure Control Or Prevention?

Control or prevention? Is controlling blood pressure into the normal range adequate? Or would it be better to prevent high blood pressure? Blood pressure control began in the 1950s and has been improving ever since. Thiazide diuretics became widely available and provided the first practical control. Since then, there has been a discovery of multiple other drugs to control blood … Read the rest

Diet, Diuretics And Potassium Supplements

How the kidney handles the potassium and sodium of a high potassium foods diet determines many of its effects on health. The diet can lower blood pressure and can lower the chance of cardiovascular disease. But a small minority of people need special precautions, and some should avoid the diet altogether. The study (1) to be discussed today reviewed how … Read the rest

High Ratio Diet And The Kidney

The high ratio diet consisting of low sodium intake and high potassium foods has more scientific support than any other diet. And this scientific support is growing. Studies of indigenous groups gave the first clues. The Yanomami have a low sodium, high potassium, alkaline diet and have no hypertension. How can this occur? Such a diet has been shown to … Read the rest

Yanomami, Potassium Excretion, Sodium Reabsorption

Kidneys control the fluid, potassium, and sodium balance in our bodies. This balance is the major determinant of blood pressure. The kidneys seem to allow a large intake of potassium, and they do an excellent job of conserving large amounts of sodium. Evolution probably explains why this occurs. Thousands of years ago potassium was easy to get in food and … Read the rest

BK Channels And Diet

Kidneys are the main regulator of fluids, potassium and sodium in our bodies. They make up for variations in the diet of the amount of fluid, potassium and sodium that we take in. There are limits to how well they can regulate this though. The limits are related to the type of environment in which we evolved over thousands of … Read the rest

Low Sodium, High Potassium Diet And Kidneys

A high potassium sodium ratio in the diet has been shown to have many advantages. This has been especially shown for lowering blood pressure. However there are concerns about too high of a ratio, especially a concern about having too little salt in the diet. There have been medical articles written suggesting caution about going too low with sodium intake. … Read the rest

Epidemiological Studies And Diet

The most recent posts have been about the molecular biology of the high potassium foods diet. They have shown how the potassium sodium ratio affects every cell process, because this ratio controls the electric field of the cell. If the ratio is too far off, the electric field is too weak and the timing of cell processes is disturbed. No … Read the rest

Hydrogen Bond Network Of Potassium Channel

The potassium to sodium ratio in your diet is important because it helps to determine the potassium sodium ratio inside and outside of your cells’ membranes. This ratio inside and outside the membranes creates an electric field. The electric field is critical to the cell performing its proper functions.

Maintaining the proper ratio is important so that your cells can … Read the rest

Bad Fats And Potassium Sodium Ratio

We are often told to avoid saturated fats, and to get good fats instead of bad fats in our diet. What are good fats and what is it about them that makes them good? And what do they have to do with high potassium foods?

Arachidic Acid

Cell Membranes Are Made Of Fat

The fats we eat go into the membranes of … Read the rest



Two excellent books about high potassium foods and blood pressure reduction are available on Amazon. The first is a practical guide to changing your diet to a high potassium foods diet. It is helpful even if you do not have hypertension. The second is a scientific explanation of the diet. It discusses the changes to your body that occur with high potassium foods.

Practical Guide

Scientific Explanation

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